I draw robots.

I also draw many other things, I am a right wing nut with a passion for politics, I am a hardcore gamer that loves casual games, and I have many other likes, including like likes.

This blog will soon cover the whole gap of my likes, and dislikes. I have web logged many a time on MySpace and even teased the idea of blogging from my Facebook but I am bored with that now; both sites now seem to be  interested in competing for a worst networking website award.

Look forward to:

Micro Reviews, small simple game reviews of any new game I play.

Politics as Usuall, things in politics that are of note according to me.

Drawings, I will try to post a drawing a day for as long as I can keep it up.


One Response to I draw robots.

  1. xty says:

    You draw cupcakes too? I thought that was just Amanda! ha. This is nice. I like this scenery.

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