Right, Left, Liberal, Conservative

April 24, 2009

Last year, after a family Easter, a heated conversation about politics stirred up with my family. My Mom calls herself a “moderate” and thinks that my Dad, Brother and I are hateful right wing nut jobs. Me less so, but that is because of how I approach speaking with people about politics. Even before I started to understand what the differences are between right and left; as I do today, I believed that my views are far from main-stream, but if I could have the opportunity to explain them, many people would agree with them.

Before this drive home with my family I already had developed my view on what it traditionally means to be a conservative and to be a liberal. The idea is pretty simple. A liberal is donkey, it likes to run around and have fun, never giving much thought to what is doing; as long as it’s doing something. A liberal is change for the sake of change. A conservative is an elephant, and an elephant never forgets, it thinks and over thinks every possible situation; so much that it might not look like it’s doing anything at all. Alone neither are very good, but combined they are quite powerful. Imagine a donkey pulling a carriage, and steering the carriage is the elephant. The donkey just runs but because the elephant is guiding, the carriage will end up some place better, instead of just some place.

When I explained this idea to my family, everyone disagreed with me. I think that they disagreed because they have all been tricked by the same people that are currently, and horribly defining the terms Liberal and Conservative at Dictionary.com and the like. After we were home I snuck off into my room to develop on a graphical understanding of politics and government.

What started out being a ball that would display governments and how they relate to each other and displaying who is given the most power in each; became a graph that explains the difference in Right verse Left thinking. The reason I came to understand the ball in that way, was in how I had been drawing mock ups, trying to divide the ball into sections of given power and radical verse moderate view points.

As it is now; On the left side of the graph, is a leftist view point: bigger, more power government, giving less power to the people. The most extreme form of government on the left end is a Monarchy, having one rule over everyone else. On the right is the rightist view point: smaller, less powerful government giving more power to the people. The extreme right end has both Anarchy and true Communism, a government with no central control giving all power to the individual over themselves.

On this graph there is a line that I feel shows the overall stability of the government. At each end of the spectrum, the line drops to zero because both Monarchies and Communistic societies can only be practiced in theory, are ideological and impossible to achieve in real world scenarios. The reason that those two government types are unstable is due to personal greed.

Right and Left have no relevance to Liberal and Conservative. It’s a misunderstanding that is given to people by those in power that want to keep their power. We the People are beginning to wake up and realize this. It’s time to start drawing down the power back to the people.

Mac Basics, Smudge Tool Picture

April 22, 2009

Out of an art project for my Mac Basics class, the Duck Force is born.


Trying to explain my politics, my fall from conservatism

April 22, 2009

The following was written by myself on Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Growing up with my Dad is an odd experience. Even when it didn’t seem like he had much effect on me he still did. As a youngster I remember a lot about the Clinton Presidency, because Dad was always listening to Rush Limbaugh or talking politics with the family so I was exposed to politics a lot.
Once puberty hit I began to question much of what I was told. That is when I gave up religion and politics, even America became something that was uncool. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was uncool, and that I had and interest in politics.
My Dad never wanted me to be a little version of him, he taught me to think for myself. I started developing opinions on every topic that I came across. I started to associate my views with that of a Republican. I discovered talk radio on the FM dial while looking for something to listen to that wasn’t a bunch of garbage. I liked what I heard and I soon spent most of nights next to a radio.
I registered as Republican voter and voted for Bush for president in my first election.
Then like a lot of people, 9.11 change my view of the world drastically. This is when I discovered Glenn Beck, who is a hero of mine. His voice resinated with me. Listening to him I started to see that even Republicans were just a worthless and hypocritical and the Democrats, and that is when I began to call myself a Conservative.
Not too long ago I realized that being a Conservative is a nice was of saying loser. If your whole goal is to try and conserve something the way it is when most of the time the Liberals are trying to change everything just to change it, you are forced to make compromise. In a political compromise the conservative always losses ground, and a liberal is one step closer to an ever changing goal.
I was sick and tired of being a failure.
So I set out to understand my way of thinking. I know what I’m not and that is a leftist. Not at all. And while there are a lot of right wing ideas that I agree with I’m not a rightist either. So my goal is to redefine what a rightist is.
Since the Democrats have become and the new socialist and Republicans have become the new Democrats, I shall become a new, and better, Republican.
What shall I call myself?
I don’t know yet, I have to go, I heard the black helicopters.

Fallout 3 as a Genre

April 22, 2009

Fallout 3 is a massive game. I have spent hours wandering the wastelands of the Washington D.C. area feeling weak, insignificant and on the verge of death. Now even with special weapons and a max level character I don’t all powerful feel like I can at least contend with my environment. But never did those feelings take away from the amazing experiences that I have had with Fallout 3.  Because I have low strength and power on my first two characters I am often sneaking around trying my best to avoid monsters an people that could kill me far easier than I, them.

Mostly out of necessity my sneaking around has me often seeing one of the attributes that makes Fallout 3 so great. The game seems to be playing it’s self with out me. I will be hidden behind some abandoned car watching some Raiders trying to figure out how best to get past them when all of a sudden a group of Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts come marching along and attack them. After the battle ends one Outcast is left standing, leaving me to scavenge the highly coveted Power Armor off the dead bodies of the fallen Outcast members; as well as, all the bullets, stimpacks, and bottle caps I want. Not only does that leave me some much need equipment, I now can enter the building that I wanted because the Raiders were killed for me.

Fallout 3 is full of humbling situations pit many of the opposing forces in the game, right before my eyes, and that has got me thinking of one of the many ways I view Fallout 3 as a Genre.

Fallout’s existing expansions already add new game elements; Operation Anchorage has an in game simulation that plays more like an arcade shooter, and The Pitt turns the player into a powerless slave. I would love to see a mod that would change the game-play from a third/first person role playing shooter; into a Real Time Strategy. The whole game has preset conditions in which all of these groups will attack one another. Simply giving the player the God-like control of creating and moving units you have a brand new game. A game that is quite a bit like the Fallout and Fallout 2. This makes me excited to see what comes of the recently announced Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout 3  doesn’t have to stop there. Introducing motor bikes, ATVs, cars, and even jet packs would add much to the existing game-play as well as making possible new game modes. Having vehicles could make traveling long distances easier, but could also include fuel management; siphoning gas from broken cars and attacking heavily guarded pumping stations to free up some much needed fuel.

Imagine using a jet pack to board a alien spacecraft or Enclave airship. Raider Car gangs reminiscent of those in Mad Max. Joining a racing team to earn more bottle caps or gain access to underground slave ring.

Beyond all of that, just add some new weapons; bow and arrows, cross bows, ninja stars, and how about movable sentry guns?

DSi At Tax Day Tea Party

April 16, 2009


Drawing #2

April 4, 2009

I instantly failed on posting a drawing a day, here is drawing two.

It is untitled, so if you have a suggestion, feel free to suggest.


The largest tax increase on tabacco, Evar!

April 4, 2009

Barack Obama has signed into law a $.60 tax increase that went into effect on April 1st. Not only is this the largest federal tax increase on tobacco, not only is this tax increase larger than all of the other tax increases in America, combined, but this also marks the failure of President Obama to commit to a “Firm Pledge” to not increase the taxes of any individual making under $250,000 dollars a year. The median income of the American smoker is $36,000 dollars a year.

This tax increase is designed to help pay for a program called SCHIP; which pays for Children’s heath care in low income households (currently making up $74,200 in New Jersey). Under this bill a child may be up to 30 years old. Yet again the government aims to gain revenue from an addictive and dangerous behavior all in the name of helping the little ones. This same principle is applied to gambling at the state level; taking casino winnings, and taxing them to fund local schools. One of the problems is that in typical governmental fashion, money is often lost in the shuffle and used on other things.

Assuming that under Obama’s Next Gen Transparency, that all of the new taxes will indeed be used as it is intended, there is but one little flaw in the progressive idea behind the bill. Not only will the 156% tax increase help drive down the already falling number of smokers in the United States, but the whole plan takes revenue from a harmful activity to pay for children’s health care, promoting said activity; while at the same time, condemning the activity.

If you smoke, you are slowly killing yourself to keep kids healthy, but you are also supporting an industry that markets smoking to children and profits on the eventual suicide of everyone that uses their products. If you do not smoke you are a heartless individual that cares nothing of th American youth, are living a self-centered life, and are probably a Nazi.

I suggest that all Americans take up smoking to support SCHIP. How else will boys and girls living in low income households, that likely have one or more parents or guardians smoking in them, have the health care they want and need?

Edit: The federal tax on a pound of roll-your-own tobacco increased from $1.10 to $24.78.