Fallout 3 as a Genre

Fallout 3 is a massive game. I have spent hours wandering the wastelands of the Washington D.C. area feeling weak, insignificant and on the verge of death. Now even with special weapons and a max level character I don’t all powerful feel like I can at least contend with my environment. But never did those feelings take away from the amazing experiences that I have had with Fallout 3.  Because I have low strength and power on my first two characters I am often sneaking around trying my best to avoid monsters an people that could kill me far easier than I, them.

Mostly out of necessity my sneaking around has me often seeing one of the attributes that makes Fallout 3 so great. The game seems to be playing it’s self with out me. I will be hidden behind some abandoned car watching some Raiders trying to figure out how best to get past them when all of a sudden a group of Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts come marching along and attack them. After the battle ends one Outcast is left standing, leaving me to scavenge the highly coveted Power Armor off the dead bodies of the fallen Outcast members; as well as, all the bullets, stimpacks, and bottle caps I want. Not only does that leave me some much need equipment, I now can enter the building that I wanted because the Raiders were killed for me.

Fallout 3 is full of humbling situations pit many of the opposing forces in the game, right before my eyes, and that has got me thinking of one of the many ways I view Fallout 3 as a Genre.

Fallout’s existing expansions already add new game elements; Operation Anchorage has an in game simulation that plays more like an arcade shooter, and The Pitt turns the player into a powerless slave. I would love to see a mod that would change the game-play from a third/first person role playing shooter; into a Real Time Strategy. The whole game has preset conditions in which all of these groups will attack one another. Simply giving the player the God-like control of creating and moving units you have a brand new game. A game that is quite a bit like the Fallout and Fallout 2. This makes me excited to see what comes of the recently announced Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout 3  doesn’t have to stop there. Introducing motor bikes, ATVs, cars, and even jet packs would add much to the existing game-play as well as making possible new game modes. Having vehicles could make traveling long distances easier, but could also include fuel management; siphoning gas from broken cars and attacking heavily guarded pumping stations to free up some much needed fuel.

Imagine using a jet pack to board a alien spacecraft or Enclave airship. Raider Car gangs reminiscent of those in Mad Max. Joining a racing team to earn more bottle caps or gain access to underground slave ring.

Beyond all of that, just add some new weapons; bow and arrows, cross bows, ninja stars, and how about movable sentry guns?

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  1. mrred says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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