Trying to explain my politics, my fall from conservatism

The following was written by myself on Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Growing up with my Dad is an odd experience. Even when it didn’t seem like he had much effect on me he still did. As a youngster I remember a lot about the Clinton Presidency, because Dad was always listening to Rush Limbaugh or talking politics with the family so I was exposed to politics a lot.
Once puberty hit I began to question much of what I was told. That is when I gave up religion and politics, even America became something that was uncool. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was uncool, and that I had and interest in politics.
My Dad never wanted me to be a little version of him, he taught me to think for myself. I started developing opinions on every topic that I came across. I started to associate my views with that of a Republican. I discovered talk radio on the FM dial while looking for something to listen to that wasn’t a bunch of garbage. I liked what I heard and I soon spent most of nights next to a radio.
I registered as Republican voter and voted for Bush for president in my first election.
Then like a lot of people, 9.11 change my view of the world drastically. This is when I discovered Glenn Beck, who is a hero of mine. His voice resinated with me. Listening to him I started to see that even Republicans were just a worthless and hypocritical and the Democrats, and that is when I began to call myself a Conservative.
Not too long ago I realized that being a Conservative is a nice was of saying loser. If your whole goal is to try and conserve something the way it is when most of the time the Liberals are trying to change everything just to change it, you are forced to make compromise. In a political compromise the conservative always losses ground, and a liberal is one step closer to an ever changing goal.
I was sick and tired of being a failure.
So I set out to understand my way of thinking. I know what I’m not and that is a leftist. Not at all. And while there are a lot of right wing ideas that I agree with I’m not a rightist either. So my goal is to redefine what a rightist is.
Since the Democrats have become and the new socialist and Republicans have become the new Democrats, I shall become a new, and better, Republican.
What shall I call myself?
I don’t know yet, I have to go, I heard the black helicopters.

4 Responses to Trying to explain my politics, my fall from conservatism

  1. Nalora says:

    Glenn Beck is a Libertarian. So am I.

  2. Maggie says:

    I myself am a Libertarian. It is still considered a conservative viewpoint but with emphasis of individualism. As for me, I can’t say that I have very many liberal ideals, however I am not willing to enforce my beliefs on others and want the government out of my business and everyone elses as well. Maybe you’re a conservative libertarian?

  3. Mike says:

    Hey Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! I personally think Glenn Beck is losing his mind lately, and I have never voted for Bush. I have always had a very liberal lean to my beliefs, however I can go either way sometimes. I know one thing for sure: I am neither Republican nor Democrat.
    One of the greatest things about this country is our ability (in the past) to be able to debate conflicting ideas in a peaceful manner, and I hope this never changes.

  4. Stix says:

    I guess I am in your same boat. I am very conservative on some stuff, but very Libertarian on others.

    Conservatarian sounds good to me.

    But I am not really a fan of Glenn Beck. I agree with Mike, I think Beck is a little off her rocker.

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