Right, Left, Liberal, Conservative

Last year, after a family Easter, a heated conversation about politics stirred up with my family. My Mom calls herself a “moderate” and thinks that my Dad, Brother and I are hateful right wing nut jobs. Me less so, but that is because of how I approach speaking with people about politics. Even before I started to understand what the differences are between right and left; as I do today, I believed that my views are far from main-stream, but if I could have the opportunity to explain them, many people would agree with them.

Before this drive home with my family I already had developed my view on what it traditionally means to be a conservative and to be a liberal. The idea is pretty simple. A liberal is donkey, it likes to run around and have fun, never giving much thought to what is doing; as long as it’s doing something. A liberal is change for the sake of change. A conservative is an elephant, and an elephant never forgets, it thinks and over thinks every possible situation; so much that it might not look like it’s doing anything at all. Alone neither are very good, but combined they are quite powerful. Imagine a donkey pulling a carriage, and steering the carriage is the elephant. The donkey just runs but because the elephant is guiding, the carriage will end up some place better, instead of just some place.

When I explained this idea to my family, everyone disagreed with me. I think that they disagreed because they have all been tricked by the same people that are currently, and horribly defining the terms Liberal and Conservative at Dictionary.com and the like. After we were home I snuck off into my room to develop on a graphical understanding of politics and government.

What started out being a ball that would display governments and how they relate to each other and displaying who is given the most power in each; became a graph that explains the difference in Right verse Left thinking. The reason I came to understand the ball in that way, was in how I had been drawing mock ups, trying to divide the ball into sections of given power and radical verse moderate view points.

As it is now; On the left side of the graph, is a leftist view point: bigger, more power government, giving less power to the people. The most extreme form of government on the left end is a Monarchy, having one rule over everyone else. On the right is the rightist view point: smaller, less powerful government giving more power to the people. The extreme right end has both Anarchy and true Communism, a government with no central control giving all power to the individual over themselves.

On this graph there is a line that I feel shows the overall stability of the government. At each end of the spectrum, the line drops to zero because both Monarchies and Communistic societies can only be practiced in theory, are ideological and impossible to achieve in real world scenarios. The reason that those two government types are unstable is due to personal greed.

Right and Left have no relevance to Liberal and Conservative. It’s a misunderstanding that is given to people by those in power that want to keep their power. We the People are beginning to wake up and realize this. It’s time to start drawing down the power back to the people.

One Response to Right, Left, Liberal, Conservative

  1. Mike says:

    Interesting viewpoints…. Although I often call myself a liberal I am more of a “Classic Liberal” than a modern liberal. I value personal rights & freedoms above all else. Nice Post!

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