Three Wii Games I want in the USA

I just bought Klonoa, a remake of a classic PSX platformer, and so far I am very pleased. A solid game that I some how feel nostalgia for even though it is the first time I have ever played a Klonoa game.
Right now there are many Wii games that I am looking forward to that have yet to come out in the US. Currently I have on reserve; Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Punch-Out!!, The Munchables, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Let’s Tap, The Conduit, and of course Wii Sports Resorts.

Some games like Trace Memory:R and Endless Ocean 2 will most likely come here but there is still no word yet.

The following three games will probably never see a US release, and should because they would help flush out the often criticized Wii game catalog.

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