Obama Caught In a Naughty Monkey Trap

Everyone knows how to catch a monkey even if you’ve never had to. Basic concept. Put a banana in a jar and make sure the mouth of the jar is bigger than a monkey paw, yet smaller than the banana. When the monkey gets hold of that banana, he won’t let go, even if it means his hand is stuck in the jar.

Barack Obama finds himself in a similar predicament. His Chicago Fund Trust is the perfect golden banana. It happens to be inside the legal jar created by Thomas Daniel’s ethics investigation findings. You see, Mr. Daniel concluded Obama had used his official title of governor to raise money for a “slush fund” to pay her legal bills. That’s a no-no, silly monkey!

With his findings, Mr. Daniel gave the Naughty Obama Monkey an out… “LET GO OF THE BANANA!” To avoid an ethics hearing, Obama could give back the money raised by the fund. Then, there would be no finding of guilt. Not only did he not let go of the money, his fund trust kept their campaign up and begging — thereby making the banana fatter and more golden.


2 Responses to Obama Caught In a Naughty Monkey Trap

  1. Alan Watts says:

    I’m guessing that your point in this is, “Everyone would freak out if you said this about Obama!” You’re correct. People would. Because “monkey” is a term that people used, and still use, to insult blacks.

    Adam, you don’t have the mind of a philosopher. You have the mind of Adam Prenger, dumb sheltered moron. Born December 28th, 1985. Still matriculating at St. Charles Community College since 2004 (5 years at a community college. Nice). You like video games, indie rock, and tea (?). You make art (which is ok) and are a member of “We the People” Life, Liberty, and Justice and The St. Louis Townhall Meetup Group. And Some Glenn Beck group, a guy who factors into a lot of your interests. Probably because you feel lonely.

    Adam, I’m going to take a stab at why you feel alone. You’re gay. Homosexual gay. And you’re not dealing with it. Probably because your politically conservative father would take issue with it. So you’ve turned your self loathing into a political philosophy that’s built on dumb anger. You’re like every conservative fuck in Congress who preaches against adultery but is fucking some lady on the side.

    Don’t make your issues everyone else’s problem. Go fuck a dude. It’s not a big deal. And lay off the political commentary. You aren’t good at it.

    Oh, and don’t put your entire life on the internet for some random guy to find and pretty much figure you out in 15 minutes.

  2. idrawrobots says:

    Hello, Adam Scott Booboo (as in the bear from Yogi Bear) Prenger here with some kind words for my brother from another mother, Alan Watts (Scottish inventor). I would like to thank you for your comment on my blog that only you and the Capitoline Wolf that raised me read. I would also like to point out that I was not born in 1985, but in year 1984 A.D. I am also not homosexual; despite popular belief from those who do not know me.

    Lonely and in my sheltering shelter of shelterednessity,

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