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I know you are already following myself (Adam Scott Prenger) due to the fact that I am a bitter right wing GOP hack that has gone to multiple Tea Parties, but I want you to know that I am at it again. I have recently been paid by Aetna, Fox News, the Koch Family trust fund, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Adolph Hitler, George H. W. Bush, GM (General Mills), the Minute Men, the KKK, Bowser, the far far far far right wing hate monger John McCain and a potato chip that looks like the Virgin Mary. This money was given to me so that I would go to town hall meetings and the local iced cream parlor and spread lies about President Barack Obama’s plans for heath care Reform. I have been spreading lies, things like how all babies will be mandatory aborted under Obama’s plan, tonsil transplants will be made illegal, and Soylent Green is people.
I know it may sound crazy that I would turn myself in but I am clearly an enemy to State and also crazy.
You know where to find me; come and get me.

I did send this to, if I go missing or die mysteriously, you know what happened 😉


5 Responses to My email to

  1. kaira says:

    Well, your mysterious disappearance is a possibility but more likely is that you are now considered a “domestic terrorist”. And, that crap is FISHY as HELL!

  2. kaira says:

    By the way, in case your email got lost in the mail – I reported you as well.

  3. Antaia says:

    This is absolutely outstanding! LOL LOL – if you would like, I would love to have a copy on my new fishy site:

    Awesome and the Comrades thank you.

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