Guilty by Association

November 1, 2009

I came across this video clip strolling though YouTube videos of Olbermann “owning” Glenn Beck two nights ago. It is Robert Gibbs on Hannity. I typically do not like Hannity and think he is bad for the conservative movement.

If you watch this video Robert Gibbs makes some  statements that stood out to me knowing with whom Barack Obama has surrounded himself. On Hannity’s show Gibbs claims that because Sean interviewed a man named Andy Martin,  who is a racist, that Hannity is  a racist. It doesn’t stop there, he then says, “why am I not to believe that everyone that works at the network is antisemitic.”

Likely Gibbs is using this attack to show that guilt by association is a flawed argument. With what I know about the Ayers/Obama connection, it is one of the weakest out of all the connections that have come out about Obama and his Marxist, Maoist administration. I do find it hilarious that Gibbs would make that case. Gibbs, like the rest of the world, probably doesn’t know what are Obama’s views.

With the Obama administration war against Fox news, along with thinking that Fox isn’t real news, maybe they think that Hannity is racist and Fox is racist. We do know that Huffington Post readers like Obama think Glenn Beck is a racist. Barack Obama, may not be guilty by association, but the more we see about him, the more we see he is guilty by saturation.