Six in a Row

Let’s start with a little politics since I haven’t done any in a while. I’m happy that Scott Brown, now I just have to sit on nails, hoping he doesn’t do anything stupid and ruin the conservative message in the great progressive state of Massachusetts. Please stick to the principles you spoke of when you were campaigning. I am not happy with Sarah Palin. She has done some great thing with just a Facebook account. Then she came out with Going Rogue and reading that show such a profound love for this country. If I saw her as a politician she’d be one of the very few that I trust. So why in the world would she be campaigning for McCain. I guy who doesn’t even seem to like her and did nothing to defend her when his people were lying about her after they lost the election. She says that McCain is waking up to how the progressive movement has infected both parties. All I can say is, I hope she’s right and I hope she knows what she’s doing.

When it comes to left/right politics I firmly believe that the left desires greater government control over society towards the extreme of Dictatorship; where as the right desires less government control over society towards the extreme of Anarchy. That is why I was glad to see Glenn Beck draw together similarities between the more traditionally left perceived fascist regimes of Soviet Russia, China, and Cuba to the traditionally right perceived fascist regime of Hitler’s Germany.

On the gaming side of my life I have just finished Dark Void and Dark Void Zero this past week. If you like the old NES Capcom games like Megaman or Duck Tails (woohoo) and also games like Mertoid or Castlevania I would highly recommend downloading Dark Void Zero for the DSi. It’s cheap, but short, but fun. As for the Dark Void, I would say that it was worth playing. I would have liked a better mix of the  game’s mechanics, but I would say it’s worth a rental or purchase after a price drop. And please, don’t take either Dark Void game too serious.

Games beat this year is currently at 6 which is a great number for me. I may start to catch up to my backlog .

No More Heroes

Phantasy Star Zero

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Hotel Dusk

Dark Void

Dark Void Zero

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