Game Over: April 14

In the past few weeks I have completed 3 games, I knocked out Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (including one day of over 10 hours straight on a day off). I thought this game was an eerie, yet beautiful story of exploration. I liked the environments with an exception of some of the later areas. I liked the stories linked to the item found throughout the game, especially the stories from the Video Game Cartridge, and the Colored Bells. I liked the characters in both design and in their personalities.

With the somber tones of death, loss, and loneliness, mixed with friendship, love and survival Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon is in my view, a survival horror minus the horror, overflowing with Japanese culture and ascetics. If you can get past the colorful anime characters and are looking for a slower paced game, light on combat and heavy on the melancholy I recommend you try this game out.

The next game that I played and beat is Red Steel 2. All I have to say about it that it mostly looks good, somewhat like Borderlands with more American Western and Traditional Japanese stylings. The controls are mostly good, but not the 1 to 1 motion as promised although that would have made the game worse in my opinion. The fore mentioned details kept me playing the game until the end, but the writing and story concept were boring and the enemies lacked much diversity, I would have loved warding off murders of crows, sneaking behind sentry guns, and using my earth shaking Bear attack to stop a charging boar. Unfortunatly, while their is some intrest in Red Steel 2; not many people are picking it up. Any hopes for a even better Red Steel 3 are pretty much crushed.

I beat Cave Story on the Wii before work yesterday. It is one of my absolute favorite games now. Everything about the game is amazing. The artwork is perfect, great music, lovable characters, lush environments, and a story of a silent hero named Quote that is wrapped in the mythology of an island that is just as much a character and the island in Lost.

Rather than put more words on internet paper about how much I like Cave Story I will just post a video because mere pictures cannot attempt to do this game justice.


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