I just viewed the trailer for an indie game called Hero Core and I had to make a blog about it. Hero Core looks so cool! It’s full of retro goodness: 8*bit banging soundtrack, black and white monochrome color scheme, and what looks to be some classic shmup/adventure gaming. The game seems like what could be an Atari prequel to Cave Story in regards to game mechanics only, but’s not.

Hero Core can be downloaded HERE <<<CURRENTLY THE WEBSITE IS BROKEN

Probably, from all the mega amounts of traffic because Hero Core is all the rage on the tubes. I will play this as soon as I can, and hopefully I will enjoy immensely.

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  1. […] The first game I’ll mention is  Hero Core. I have already written about Hero Core as seen here, but what I can say after beating the game is that it is a solid experience. After you beat the […]

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