Art Style: Rotozoa

June 26, 2010

Today I downloaded the newest game in the Art Style series for WiiWare. I was quickly sold on the idea of Rotozoa by the initial trailer that was released not too long ago with Art Style: light trax and X-Scape. At the price point of on 600 Nintendo Points I felt no remorse for the purchase. It was also nice that Rotozoa is only 62 blocks in size and was a quick download. In a few blinks of an eye I was able to hop into the world of Rotozoa, instantly I was impressed by the title screen music. I even sat there for a minute to enjoy the music and stylish simplicity of the start menu.

As I started playing, I began to get frustrated with unique gameplay; not too unlike Art Style Orbient/Obrbital, but enough to throw me off my game. You control a Rotozoan, a single celled organism with varying numbers of tentacle. Move around with the Wii Remote D-Pad and rotate either clockwise, or counter-clockwise with the 1 and 2 buttons. The goal being, collide your tentacles into smaller, like colored organisms.

At first you only have two tentacles, and gameplay is simple and relatively slow. Given that I would expect Rotozoa to be easy at first, but I was a bit underwhelmed by my own failure to master the beginning levels. As I began to understand how to better play I started to breeze through the stages and unlock new modes.

Once I tried the new modes that I unlocked I realized, much like Art Style: Box Life, the main stages are really just training for the core of the game. In Box Life it was the Factory mode; in Rotozoa, it the Endless and Snake modes. In this section of the game, it starts to take on a more traditional puzzle game flow and thus takes on the more addicting feel of puzzle games like Tetris and Lumines (by the way, where in the world is Lumines for WiiWare or DSiWare).

Episode 007

June 26, 2010

Episode 007 of Wii Are Fanboys is up and running on iTunes, and we didn’t even talk about the upcoming Goldeneye remake.

Above is the reason I first bought a Nintendo DS.

Now with 20% more E3. Nintendo brought all the fanboys to the yard like no one else could, and we finally talk about it after taking a week vacation. Episode 007, Bring It On: Nintendo You Di’int.

Listen Here, enjoy, comment. Or find Wii Are Fanboys on iTunes.

Missing Flowers

June 24, 2010

The median on the road I take to work a few days ago was full of wild flowers and made the ugly suburban drive, more attractive. Yesterday I noticed that the grass was cut and now it’s a bland wasteland of yard waste. The best part of the long grass and flowers is that it covered up trash. I guess that it’s cut to keep animals out of the median, but it’s a shame.

No Word From Nintendo Japan

June 16, 2010

I am very happy to see all that I did from Nintendo today, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, 3DS and all that this wonderful new system entails on the software side. With that said, it makes me a little sad to not hear any news on US releases for The Last Story, Xenoblade, The Last Window, or Zangeki no Reginleiv.

With E3 going on I have a lot to digest and will start posting up my measly opinions on my likes and dislikes in the coming days, just like everyone else. Be sure to check out my weekly Nintendo podcast, Wii Are Fanboys on iTunes.

Who Are You? Wii Are Fanboys

June 15, 2010

If you are a fan of Nintendo like I am you surely remember the Who Are You? ads from Nintendo. Now I want to know, Who Are You?

watch this, it is awesome

You might not know this, but I help make one of the few, and in my skewed view point, the best Nintendo themed podcast in all of the intertubes. My co-host Brad Guise and myself, Adam Scott Prenger, are huge fans of Nintendo, Wii Are Fanboys, if you will. And yes I realized exactly how lame that is. Not only in the way I conveyed it but also in how it is perceived by a large group of today’s gaming community. But we have good reason to be Nintendo fanboys; Nintendo makes some of the highest caliber games of all time and is one of the most consistent developers in the gaming business. They have part in some of my fondest memories and have never stopped stimulating my imagination.

I ask you: If you are a fan of Nintendo, and it doesn’t have to be at the level of my fandom, please listen to our podcast, Wii Are Fanboys. Find us on iTunes, and hopefully soon,  the Zune market place. If you enjoy stomping on Goombas, knocking out Dedede, exploring Zebes, or prefer paper RPG’s that don’t require a pencil, gives us a try. We are new at this. Currently we are just doing this for fun, in our own free time. We originally got the idea to make a Nintendo themed podcast because we both like Nintendo, listen to podcast, and didn’t feel like there was a good podcast that focused enough on Nintendo games and games on Nintendo platforms.

Haruri Suzumiya even likes Nintendo

When you listen to the Wii Are Fanboys podcast and you like it, tell us. Subscribe to the Wii Are Fanboys podcast. Shoot us an email at and let us know what you think. Make suggestions, we open to ideas and want to make the best podcast we can. If you don’t like it, we’d both like it if you’d still contacted us and let us know why not, so that maybe we could become a podcast you’d like to listen to. For instance, Do you think I say “Awesome” too much?

Our newest podcast is HERE!

It’s an E3 preview and will quickly be outdated after tomorrows Nintendo press conference, but will also be shortly after be followed up with an after press conference episode where Brad and I will put on out jammies and gush about Nintendo while on our beds kicking our feet in the air.

I’m going to go play some Monster Hunter Tri, I have some farming to do. Have a good night.

Dis Kinect

June 15, 2010

I have to say, I don’t have all the facts about Kinect, but Microsoft is acting stupidly. Being at work all day I haven’t been able to absorb all the information I’d like to about Kinect but it seems to be focused 100% around the casual market, the market that up until now has only been reached by Nintendo. That is not to say that Kinect will succeed in reaching the casual market, but they are trying. They have the Wii Sports ripoff, that I personally have yet to see but I am pretty sure I know what to expect, they have the Mario Kart ripoff,and  they have EA Active 2, among others; which is sadly one of the best games I have seen will utilize the Kinect. Frankly, that has the potential to be better than the Wii version, but at a $300 minimum price point for the system and Kinect, and $150 for a stand alone for Kinect it’s going to be harder to draw people in than it was with the Wii.

As much as I dislike Sony (except for Team ICO) at least they will be pushing the Move with some HARD CORE! games like SOCOM and Killzone, you know, stuff with guns and explosions.

With that being said; both Microsoft’s and Sony’s efforts to steal away the market Nintendo carved out for themselves, being laughed at the whole time by Microsoft and Sony mind you, look to be full of shovelware. Sony’s games like Move Party and TV Superstars look just awful. My bet is that both will fail and be wastes of time  money for the two companies and by the time that is accepted by Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo will have passed them up by yet another innovation in gaming.

More to come, E3 week is upon us.

Roselina and Kate Gosselin, the same person?

June 6, 2010

Throughout playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 Roselina is hardly present, but at the end of the game Mario does come in contact with her when she is reunited with her many children, the Luma. After finishing the game,  much of the game still fresh in my head I came across the above picture in the cover of People magazine. I couldn’t help but notice striking similarities between Kate Gosselin and Roselina.

Both women tend to cover their right eyes with their hair. both women have a lot of children, and most importantly, both love to dance. (That last part is not true, Kate hates to dance.)