Who Are You? Wii Are Fanboys

If you are a fan of Nintendo like I am you surely remember the Who Are You? ads from Nintendo. Now I want to know, Who Are You?

watch this, it is awesome

You might not know this, but I help make one of the few, and in my skewed view point, the best Nintendo themed podcast in all of the intertubes. My co-host Brad Guise and myself, Adam Scott Prenger, are huge fans of Nintendo, Wii Are Fanboys, if you will. And yes I realized exactly how lame that is. Not only in the way I conveyed it but also in how it is perceived by a large group of today’s gaming community. But we have good reason to be Nintendo fanboys; Nintendo makes some of the highest caliber games of all time and is one of the most consistent developers in the gaming business. They have part in some of my fondest memories and have never stopped stimulating my imagination.

I ask you: If you are a fan of Nintendo, and it doesn’t have to be at the level of my fandom, please listen to our podcast, Wii Are Fanboys. Find us on iTunes, and hopefully soon,  the Zune market place. If you enjoy stomping on Goombas, knocking out Dedede, exploring Zebes, or prefer paper RPG’s that don’t require a pencil, gives us a try. We are new at this. Currently we are just doing this for fun, in our own free time. We originally got the idea to make a Nintendo themed podcast because we both like Nintendo, listen to podcast, and didn’t feel like there was a good podcast that focused enough on Nintendo games and games on Nintendo platforms.

Haruri Suzumiya even likes Nintendo

When you listen to the Wii Are Fanboys podcast and you like it, tell us. Subscribe to the Wii Are Fanboys podcast. Shoot us an email at WRFcast@gmail.com and let us know what you think. Make suggestions, we open to ideas and want to make the best podcast we can. If you don’t like it, we’d both like it if you’d still contacted us and let us know why not, so that maybe we could become a podcast you’d like to listen to. For instance, Do you think I say “Awesome” too much?

Our newest podcast is HERE!

It’s an E3 preview and will quickly be outdated after tomorrows Nintendo press conference, but will also be shortly after be followed up with an after press conference episode where Brad and I will put on out jammies and gush about Nintendo while on our beds kicking our feet in the air.

I’m going to go play some Monster Hunter Tri, I have some farming to do. Have a good night.

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