Game Over: June

After a stint of rail shooters, shmups and reverse shmups, sort of, I am now sitting on a total of 15 games beat this year. This is by far my best year for beating games. That number my not be very impressive to most gamers but I have had a bad track record the last few years of starting games, playing them for a few hours and never touching them ever again. The first game I’ll mention is  Hero Core. I have already written about Hero Core as seen here, but what I can say after beating the game is that it is a solid experience. After you beat the normal game it unlocks new modes. One of the new modes has an almost roguelike, dungeon exploring feel to it that I jumped into directly after I beat the game.

House of the Dead Overkill for the Wii is a grind house style arcade shooter. The game makes use of very over the top XXX content. While that may be off putting for some, I thought it really added to the hilarity of the experience. All of the previous House of the Dead games had started as arcade games first; and while they were violent, it was kept to a minimum level due to it’s availability to the general public. Overkill is free to take on a much more adult oriented concept. I refrain from using the word “mature” because it frankly lacks a sophisticated level of maturity. Instead House of the Dead: Overkill drops F bombs all over the place, gives far more attention to detail on the main females breasts than her hair, and a good helping of always fun dismemberment.

Another game that is all about the dismemberment, is Dead Space: Extraction. A that was more than likely overlooked as yet another rail shooter side story, when all Wii owners want is some more, high quality 3rd person shooters; at least I wouldn’t mind seeing more.  Dead Space: Extraction is not a bad game. That may be because I am a huge fan of the Dead Space Universe, I have Dead Space on Xbox 360, I own the terrible movie, and I enjoyed the (sort of) animated comic. I might have also liked Extraction because I have recently kindled a deep burning love for rail shooters. All throughout playing Overkill, Extraction, and more recently the beautifully stunning Sin & Punishment 2, I have made jokes about how much fun it would be to play [INSERT NAME OF GAME HERE] as a rail shooter. While I say these things a jokes; there is a nugget of truth to them. Rail shooters can be fun, if done well. Star Fox and Star Fox 64 remain my favorites of the series, games like Life Force are rail shooters, and even Modern Warfare 2 and the wildly superior Bad Company 2 have rail shooter sections.

Back on topic. Dead Space: Extraction has a well executed story; with good writing and good voice acting. Graphically Extraction might not look as crisp as the Original Dead Space on PC but it still looks good. I could easily recognize familiar places on the USG Ishimura. There were only a few places that I though could have been explained better. Dead Space: Extraction does somethings that I have never seen done in rail shooters. After playing it I sort of understand EA’s use of the buzz words “Guided First Person Experience” as a legitimate description of the game. Extraction was very organic and I would mind seeing EA and Visceral Games taking what they learned making this game and make an even better outing. As far as what else they could do with Dead Space, I’d still like to see  a side scrolling game that plays like Super Metroid. I think that would be great for the 3DS.

I also recently beat Topsy Turvy Life: Turvys Strike Back. Available for DSiWare for only 200 points, it wasn’t a horrible buy, but after about 30 minutes of game play you’ve pretty much seen and done everything there is to see or do. It’s a cute idea for a game, you basically play the role of the enemy in a top down shooter like Xevious or Galaxian. It even mimics a retro style reminiscent of old top down shooters. As cheep as Turvys Strike Back is I think I’d still rather play Retro Game Challenge or Space Invaders Extreme on my DSi.

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