Two Wii Games You Should Be Excited About

The first game you might not know about, but need to, is a WiiWare being released by Nicalis title called Night Sky. While I’m not particularly in love with the art direction Night Sky has taken; the overall premise is what has me looking forward to this title. You control a ball and solve platforming puzzles through physics and unlocking blocked pathways with switches. You can check out more on Night Sky Here.

The second game I wanted to mention is Hudson’s Lost in Shadow. Similar to Night Sky in that it’s a puzzle platformer; that is where the likeness ends.Lost in Shadow has you taking the role of a boy’s shadow and it is you job to reunite the shadow with the boy’s body. The catch is that some evil force has imprisoned the boy at the top of a tower. The game gives off a similar to the PlayStation 2 game ICO, and that being one of my favorites is not a bad thing at all. There look to be many puzzles to solve and shadow creatures to slay on this  journey to the top of an ominous tower. I can’t wait to play Lost in Shadow once it comes out in retail sometime this September. Find out more Here

I would also like to mention that from what I have heard; So far, I really like the music form both games. Very atmospheric, ambient instrumentals. I am so excited to play Night Sky and Lost in Shadow. Add these smaller titles to the list of big names like Donkey Kong, Kirby and Metroid coming out this year and there is no doubt I will have my platformer itch, scratched.

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