I want to be a Samurai Warrior 3

I’m currently taken by Dragon Quest IX but today I have managed to get myself interested in purchasing either Samurai Warriors 3 (Developed by Omega Force and Published by Koei Tecmo and Nintendo) for the Wii. Samurai Warriors 3 is a Japanese hack n’ slash game; a genre in which I have never had much interest. I think the closest game to these that I have ever played is probably No More Heroes.

The first reason I have become interested in playing Samurai Warriors 3 is that I am very fascinated by samurai, ninja and the like. Spending my day watching trailers and gameplay footage, I am reminded of movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and one of my favorite animes Naruto, pretty much anything based on Asian history. Since all of the Dynasty Warriors games and their spin offs are based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms I would expect an otaku lite as myself would at least be intrigued by the concepts and designs of Samurai Warriors 3.

The other reason for my interest in Samurai Warriors 3 is that Nintendo is heavily involved with it, and yes I am that much of a fanboy. Not only is Nintendo publishing the game everywhere outside of Japan, but Nintendo has also be involved with a  new game mode based on a Japan only Famicom Disk System game called The Mysterious Murasame Castle; as well as the inclusion of the main character Takamaru.

The new mode for Samurai Warriors 3 seems to be a variation of gameplay the normal gameplay of Samurai Warriors 3. It’s too bad it is not more like a remake of the original The Mysterious Murasame Castle, but maybe I can hope for a translated release of the game on Nintendo Wii Virtual Console.

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