Three Captains of Anime (+2)

Through watching anime I have come across three characters that all happen to be Captains and all have very similar characteristics.
The first I encountered was Robotech’s Captain Henry J. Gloval

The next character is Catain Nemo from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. At First I thought that Nemo and Gloval were the same person.

The third, Captain Harlock is seen in many shows from artist Leiji Matsumoto. He doesn’t look as much like the other two but to me still gives off the same vibe.

There is another character that I can think of but I will wait to bring up that one.

Edit: I just discovered that this other character that I was thinking of actually pays homage to Captain Harlock.

Simon, From Gurren Lagann is the above mentioned reference to Captain Harlock

The Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze from the Naruto Series.

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