Nintendo Conference 2010

The biggest news at the conference probably revolves around the 3DS. Some news that I’m excited about is the announcement of Megaman Legends 3, a vastly improved Tag Mode, handheld Virtual Console (Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, and “Classics”), and the ability to transfer download data like game. The 3DS is coming out February 26th in Japan and sometime in March for Europe and America. It has two colors for launch, Blue an Black. More blue, really?

Other news about Wii and DS games was also released. There is a Rhythm Heaven Title in the works for Wii.

There is also a Fatal Frame shown in Wii games, I’m not sure if will be a remake of Fatal Frame 2, or if it will be a new game. But seeing as how Fatal Frame 4 was never released in the US, I’m not sure how much interest I want to invest in this news.

There is also a new Kirby game coming to DS, and it has you controlling multiple Kirbys. Could be fun.

All the screens and videos can be found HERE, and hopefully there will be news from Nintendo of America soon, like today.


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