A New Game Every Week

I  have 11 games that I’m picking up in the next two months. This may lead me down the path I so often take of playing a game for a few hours and then never touching it again. Let hope not; there a lot of good games in this list.

Oct 03 Wii Party

Oct 05 Final Fantasy: the 4 Warriors of Light

Oct 12 Medal of Honor, Super Scribblenauts

Oct 17 Kiby’s Epic Yarn

Oct 19 Fallout: New Vegas, Vanquish

Oct 26 Rock Band 3

Nov 07 FlingSmash

Nov 16 Sonic Colors

Nov 21 Donkey Kong Country Reurns

One Response to A New Game Every Week

  1. vash says:

    Kirby epic yarn goty!

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