I just finished Kaiba a few days ago and I keep thinking about it. It is a Japanese animation that is 12 episode long by animator and director Masaaki Yuasa; he has quickly become of my favorite artists and writers. Kaiba combines many of my favorite things, science fiction, dystopian society, fluid animation, strong colors, love, atmospheric music, good use of silence, and mystery. It’s no wonder why I enjoy this show so much. Since it’s only 12 episodes long and someone was nice enough to put the full series on You Tube in high quality; I was able to quickly get through the whole series in a couple of nights. It also helped that I was completely sucked in and stayed up sometimes until 5am watching. The reason it’s even on You Tube, and so very blatantly, is because it hasn’t be licensed in the US, unfortunately no American studio has found it in their interest to translate this beautiful story, just as another of my favorite Japanese anime, Dennou Coil. I wonder what other great shows I have been missing out on?

After finishing the show I started to look up other shows that Masaaki Yuasa worked on. They all look pretty fantastic. I started watching The Tatami Universe. It’s good, but the dialog is so fast it makes reading and paying attention to the vibrant animation relatively impossible. There is also a show called Kemonozume which looks to be good also, and not nearly as crazy fast. There are others too, it’s a shame for such a good artist to be so seemingly unknown outside of Japan.

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