It’s Small Worlds After All

Today I was thinking back to an indie game that I had played not long ago. At first all I could remember is that it was very minimalistic and has interesting textures. In thinking back to the time when I first played it, and trying to remember what it was called my first idea was that it was a game by Jason Rohrer. He made a very simple game called Immortality that I spent far too much time with. Unfortunatly I was wrong Jason Rohrer did not make it so I continued to search the internet for this game. I finally discovered what I was looking for.

I then discovered why this game was not on my hard drive, it’s playable through HERE.

Notably the things that stuck with me were the textured pixels, the level design and in specific the way the technology looked, and the peaceful music. I recommend you play it. It only takes a few minutes and it’s a delightful journey. I just beat it again and still have no idea what the game is about but I don’t care.

Also David Shute, the man behind Small Worlds, seems to have WordPress blog. There he has been talking about some of his new projects and even links to a place to download the music from Small Worlds, again the music is fantastic.



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