New Wii Ware Demos

I just finished playing through the 4 newly available demos on WiiWare.

And Yet It Moves

It’s pretty good puzzle platformer but nothing that I would want to buy.



I tried playing it with the remote sideways and it was very hard, once I played with the remote and nunchuck the movement of the blocks became much easier and the game clicked with me. This would easily fit into the Art Style series.


Jett Rocket

Probably the best looking WiiWare game. Not as great as Super Mario Galaxy but it definitely is taking ques from it. I still don’t like way the main character looks (much like how I don’t like the character from And Yet It Moves). It plays well too.


Bit Trip FATE

The Bit Trip series has been pretty good so far, I liked Bit Trip BEAT and Bit Trip Runner is one of my favorite WiiWare games but Bit Trip FATE bored me.



One Response to New Wii Ware Demos

  1. willisx32 says:

    nintendo is the best

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