Pac-Man 30th Anniversary

I’m a fan of Pac-Man. I am a fan of it’s illusion of simplicity and hidden intricacy. Unfortunately over the 30 years of Pac-Man there haven’t been many good games made beyond the original. There are a few exceptions. The first and most clear being Mrs. Pac-Man, a game that took the basic formula for Pac-Man and added multiple levels. The sad part being that Ms. Pac-Man didn’t not start off as an official game. It was made by Midway rather than the series creators, Namco, but they eventually made it Pac-Man Canon after it proved to be popular. The only other good Pac-Man games that have come out have been Pac-Man 2 (SNES & Genesis), Pac-Man Vs. (GameCube & DS), and Pac-Man Championship Edition (XBLA).

Until now.

This year is the 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man and so Namco is coming out with an awesome DX version of Championship Edition for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network…

… and this other thing for Wii.


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