Muramasa: The Demon Blade

The last few weeks I have been playing Muramasa and weighing my love of Japanese art work against my hatred for pressing up to jump. I’m not a big fan of the combat in Muramasa and I’m saddened by the simplification of the item system from the one used in Vanilla Ware’s previous title, Odin Sphere. Still, when I play it I am having fun despite its shortcomings.

Muramasa has an interesting story, full of Japanese mythology. I have only been playing through Momohime’s story. I’m not sure how far I am on that path but there is a corresponding story of a boy named Kisuke to play as well. Even with this large amount of game to play; I get the slightest feeling that Muramasa was rushed to release. Perhaps my expectations were too ambitious but I would have enjoyed more characters to interact with, more stores to shop in, and more vestigial areas to explore that add nothing but a deeper atmosphere to the world.


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