3DS Battery Life and Confusion

Happy Hew Year

This weekend Nintendo in Japan is holding the 2011 Nintendo World event that is all about the 3DS coming out early this year. There seems to be some confusion about the supposed battery life listed on the Japanese site. The listed usage time is  3-5 hours and while that sounds terrible at first; it still requires some additional information for me to make up my mind and here is why.

I remember back when DSi was coming out there was a lot of chatter about the battery life of the new system. Nintendo posted the life based on the maximum brightness setting and there were many people that complained.  At the max settings on the DSi you are supposed to get 3 -4 hours of play time. If you turn the brightness all the way down you’ll get 9-14 hours of play and the screen is still brighter than the original DS at it’s brightest.

To me, it sounds like the 3DS is right on par with the DSi. Now the DSi is still the worst battery life of all the DS systems but I have never found it to be much of a problem. I am still waiting for some clarification on the 3DS battery life but for now I am content that Nintendo knows what they are doing.

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