I am sitting here crying, crying because… I’m lonely? Because I miss the one person I ever truly loved? Because she was the only person I will ever love? I don’t know any more. I want to believe in things like destiny. I want to believe that life has a purpose, that I… have a purpose. But right now I feel purposeless, I feel hopeless. I feel worthless.

I used to have futuristic visions of grandeur. I used to think that my talents would change the world. But here… I sit a broken man. Broken down to the boy that I am. What have I accomplished? What could I? Can I?

I know that failure is the path to success. I know it. But I am overwhelmed. I am tired. Sadly the one thing that keeps me from giving up is love I have for a woman I let go. I made her go. And that is the very reason I feel so lost. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Typing that made me feel better, until the next time I feel like this. I am pathetic.

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