Inside, Inside a Star-filled Sky

May 17, 2011


Jason Rohrer has done it again. This is one of his more gamey games. It even has shooting in it.

I will buy this.

Then I will play Inside a Star-filled Sky, and hopefully talk about it. It seems like yet another game I could get completely lost in playing.

Sword & Sworcery EP

March 2, 2011

I don’t know much about Sword & Sworcery EP. What I do know is that it is an old school adventure game with an almost Punch-Out!! style battle system. It looks beautiful, and has some amazing music.

This unique experience is achieved in three pieces. The music is done Jim Guthrie, a man that I honestly had never heard of before I found out about this game. After listening to some of his songs I must say that he does a great job of building music.

The second piece is Superbrothers, a pixel artist by the name of Craig D Adams. I had actually seen work by Superbrothers. The retro and minimalist style is definitely something pleasing to my eye holes. Superbrothers has done print work which I have come across while traveling the depths of the world wide web. Some of these works were done for Wired Magazine. Superbothers has also worked on multiple projects with Jim Guthrie in the form of music videos.

The third and final piece is Capybara Games. I will go out on a limb and assume that this portion the the Sword & Sworcery EP is in charge of the programing behind the game. They have previously worked on Might & Magic for the DS, and something called Heart Beat with they call, “a dot-matrix musical oddessy about love and robots.” I MUST learn more about that later.

Here, watch someone play the beginning of the game without doing much exploring and with terrible sound.

Almost makes me want to get an iPad.

Heck, while I’m thinking about it. This would make a great Wii, Wish List game. I wonder if the file is too big?

Cave Story DSi

November 30, 2010

Let me start off by saying that out of the many great games that have come out this year; for me, Cave Story ranks right up near the top if not the very top (I do understand that it originally was available all the way back in 2004). That said, starting today Cave Story has FREE demo up on the Wii Shop Channel. If you haven’t tried Cave Story go download it now.

Cave Story is also now available on DSiWare now, for 1000 Nintendo points. I have played it for little while, I just fully leveled up my Bubbleline before I stopped playing. It’s great as expected. What could be better than Cave Story you can play easily while on the toilet?


I just beat the Island’s Core only to realize that I failed to take the correct steps to beat the game the way I wanted this time around. Now the question is, do restart a new game on Easy (because I know I can beat the game on Normal already), or do I restart a new game on Normal again?


I decided to go with Normal again. I started an Easy game and just felt bad for myself. I’m back in the Bushlands and I must say I’m not looking forward to going back through the Sands, other than for puppies.

It’s Small Worlds After All

November 11, 2010

Today I was thinking back to an indie game that I had played not long ago. At first all I could remember is that it was very minimalistic and has interesting textures. In thinking back to the time when I first played it, and trying to remember what it was called my first idea was that it was a game by Jason Rohrer. He made a very simple game called Immortality that I spent far too much time with. Unfortunatly I was wrong Jason Rohrer did not make it so I continued to search the internet for this game. I finally discovered what I was looking for.

I then discovered why this game was not on my hard drive, it’s playable through HERE.

Notably the things that stuck with me were the textured pixels, the level design and in specific the way the technology looked, and the peaceful music. I recommend you play it. It only takes a few minutes and it’s a delightful journey. I just beat it again and still have no idea what the game is about but I don’t care.

Also David Shute, the man behind Small Worlds, seems to have WordPress blog. There he has been talking about some of his new projects and even links to a place to download the music from Small Worlds, again the music is fantastic.


Nintendo Wish List 2: Wish Harder

October 25, 2010

Not too long ago; while looking for pictures of Kirby I found some pieces of pixel art that reminded me of Hero Core, Earthbound and Tower of Heaven.

I also discovered that the same person that made theses images has also made a tragically short game using the same pixel art.

Play here.

I would personally like to see this, or something like it on DSiWare. There are not enough good platformers on the DSiWare service. It seems like a perfect fit.