May 19, 2010

Around the turn of the millennium I was in High School and among my interests were things like downloading MIDI files (because my internet was too slow to realistically download MP3s at the time), and playing Super Smash Bros. 64 and Perfect Dark. I also collected pictures of models; I obviously didn’t have a girlfriend at the time. My hobby of collecting model photographs started as just a means to look at attractive women but started me along the path of seeing the female body at a beautiful work of art, and an appreciation for fashion photography.

I have been getting ready for a podcast about Super Mario Bros. 2 by figuring out what music would be best for the break. On the same disk I keep my NSF files (NES music) I have a small portion of the pictures I collected over that time period of my life, I thought that I would share some of them.

Wow, is the quality of these images terrible by the way.

Aurelie Claudel

Karen Ferrari

My favorite, Anouck Lepere

Adriana Lima

Angela Lindvall

Strangely one of the few pictures of Kate Moss the I had at the time.

Sharon Van Der Knapp

Saint Louis Tea Party Welcome Obama

May 2, 2009

Unfortunately he probably didn’t get to see us because in typical politician fashion he slipped through the back door. He did make mention of us in the speech he made on Wednesday, but I am afraid he has gotten all is info on the Tea Party from the Huffiington Post, given that he has called us teabaggers.


One lady was very upset that there is not a single Scion xB within the Presidential motorcade.


The Gateway Pundit looking cool and golf clapping.


I have never been a big fan of the whole “Obama Bin Lyin” slogan.


Looking at Dana Loesch’s kids most likely.


Some young Patriots.


Dana Loesch being an awesome mother.

DSi At Tax Day Tea Party

April 16, 2009