A Message to a Friend on Immigration and Dreamers

May 27, 2014

A while ago, in a response to a video I posted, you asked me about “dreamers” and I forgot to responds to you with my opinion. I am sorry. you deserve an answer and here it is.
It is a shame that we cannot enforce our existing laws to prevent situation like that from happing. Young children and their parents should never be allowed to stay here without coming in the proper way. Because we failed to enforce existing law; that girl in the video, like many others, grows up in America, feels she is American, and more or less acts as American. For children in this situation, who are now adults; we should give them the opportunity to stay and be legal Americans.

In this country we don’t make people responsible for their family’s decisions. People should be treated as individuals. As for her family members who knowingly came here illegally and any minors involved; they should be sent to where the came. We should start to enforce our borders and laws to keep this kind of situation from happening. We also should be looking at our existing immigration laws and seeing what can be done to improve them so that our needs as a country can be fulfilled in lawful ways.

I also want to express that I do not support blanket amnesty. I am willing to make exceptions for some in situations where individuals were brought here under someone else’s will and are now adults. There was a time not much more than a year ago when I did reluctantly support amnesty as a bargaining tool for decisive changes in immigration. The Boston Bombing changed that for me. The idea that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could come here and become a citizen with out getting flagged by any of his contacts made me question what amnesty could do to us. I get that it’s a different kind of situation but if we just make everyone here illegally, free to stay and be a citizen; who in that group of 11-20 million people want to do harm to this nation?


Immigration Reform

July 16, 2010

I haven’t played any of my Political Cards down in attack mode in quite some time, but tonight, I am doing just that. With the new vigor of those Democrats and Republicans on the Hill that have nothing left to lose and nothing left of value to give, a web of bills giving the government all sorts of new magical powers is being woven around the American People. This plan to expand the girth of government is being set to afterburner because the well needed  Change that is often promised in Washington but never fulfilled has never seemed as possible as it does now. Alas, my hardened pessimistic eyes look at things like the Arizona Republican senate race between the man no one wants, McCain, and the man everyone else doesn’t want Hayworth, and I see two people who are far too right-wing for the progressives that claim to be liberal and are far too left-wing to bring about the policies to bring about the future restoration of America.

But let me not be distracted. The reason that I started this blog was to say a very simple collection of things. Wide sweeping reforms of all sorts are headed our way. A so-called financial reform was passed today, and soon we will see a so-called immigration reform make it through the House and Senate. I wanted to talk about immigration tonight. This is how we fix immigration.

1: End the Anchor Baby program.

2: Streamline the process of legal immigration and citizenship.

3: Follow existing laws.

This would include our government knowing who is in our country, preventing criminals from entering our country, insuring businesses follow proper hiring practices, and making sure when an immigrant’s time is up, they leave.

I would have all of those implemented at the same time. I’m going to to bed.

Even President Tom Likes Avatar

February 8, 2010

Looks like the ruthless leader of Iran is a fan of the anti-American movie, Avatar.

Six in a Row

January 24, 2010

Let’s start with a little politics since I haven’t done any in a while. I’m happy that Scott Brown, now I just have to sit on nails, hoping he doesn’t do anything stupid and ruin the conservative message in the great progressive state of Massachusetts. Please stick to the principles you spoke of when you were campaigning. I am not happy with Sarah Palin. She has done some great thing with just a Facebook account. Then she came out with Going Rogue and reading that show such a profound love for this country. If I saw her as a politician she’d be one of the very few that I trust. So why in the world would she be campaigning for McCain. I guy who doesn’t even seem to like her and did nothing to defend her when his people were lying about her after they lost the election. She says that McCain is waking up to how the progressive movement has infected both parties. All I can say is, I hope she’s right and I hope she knows what she’s doing.

When it comes to left/right politics I firmly believe that the left desires greater government control over society towards the extreme of Dictatorship; where as the right desires less government control over society towards the extreme of Anarchy. That is why I was glad to see Glenn Beck draw together similarities between the more traditionally left perceived fascist regimes of Soviet Russia, China, and Cuba to the traditionally right perceived fascist regime of Hitler’s Germany.

On the gaming side of my life I have just finished Dark Void and Dark Void Zero this past week. If you like the old NES Capcom games like Megaman or Duck Tails (woohoo) and also games like Mertoid or Castlevania I would highly recommend downloading Dark Void Zero for the DSi. It’s cheap, but short, but fun. As for the Dark Void, I would say that it was worth playing. I would have liked a better mix of the  game’s mechanics, but I would say it’s worth a rental or purchase after a price drop. And please, don’t take either Dark Void game too serious.

Games beat this year is currently at 6 which is a great number for me. I may start to catch up to my backlog .

No More Heroes

Phantasy Star Zero

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Hotel Dusk

Dark Void

Dark Void Zero

Guilty by Association

November 1, 2009

I came across this video clip strolling though YouTube videos of Olbermann “owning” Glenn Beck two nights ago. It is Robert Gibbs on Hannity. I typically do not like Hannity and think he is bad for the conservative movement.

If you watch this video Robert Gibbs makes some  statements that stood out to me knowing with whom Barack Obama has surrounded himself. On Hannity’s show Gibbs claims that because Sean interviewed a man named Andy Martin,  who is a racist, that Hannity is  a racist. It doesn’t stop there, he then says, “why am I not to believe that everyone that works at the network is antisemitic.”

Likely Gibbs is using this attack to show that guilt by association is a flawed argument. With what I know about the Ayers/Obama connection, it is one of the weakest out of all the connections that have come out about Obama and his Marxist, Maoist administration. I do find it hilarious that Gibbs would make that case. Gibbs, like the rest of the world, probably doesn’t know what are Obama’s views.

With the Obama administration war against Fox news, along with thinking that Fox isn’t real news, maybe they think that Hannity is racist and Fox is racist. We do know that Huffington Post readers like Obama think Glenn Beck is a racist. Barack Obama, may not be guilty by association, but the more we see about him, the more we see he is guilty by saturation.

My email to flag@whitehouse.gov

August 6, 2009

I know you are already following myself (Adam Scott Prenger) due to the fact that I am a bitter right wing GOP hack that has gone to multiple Tea Parties, but I want you to know that I am at it again. I have recently been paid by Aetna, Fox News, the Koch Family trust fund, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Adolph Hitler, George H. W. Bush, GM (General Mills), the Minute Men, the KKK, Bowser, the far far far far right wing hate monger John McCain and a potato chip that looks like the Virgin Mary. This money was given to me so that I would go to town hall meetings and the local iced cream parlor and spread lies about President Barack Obama’s plans for heath care Reform. I have been spreading lies, things like how all babies will be mandatory aborted under Obama’s plan, tonsil transplants will be made illegal, and Soylent Green is people.
I know it may sound crazy that I would turn myself in but I am clearly an enemy to State and also crazy.
You know where to find me; come and get me.

I did send this to flag@whitehouse.gov, if I go missing or die mysteriously, you know what happened 😉

Obama Caught In a Naughty Monkey Trap

July 25, 2009

Everyone knows how to catch a monkey even if you’ve never had to. Basic concept. Put a banana in a jar and make sure the mouth of the jar is bigger than a monkey paw, yet smaller than the banana. When the monkey gets hold of that banana, he won’t let go, even if it means his hand is stuck in the jar.

Barack Obama finds himself in a similar predicament. His Chicago Fund Trust is the perfect golden banana. It happens to be inside the legal jar created by Thomas Daniel’s ethics investigation findings. You see, Mr. Daniel concluded Obama had used his official title of governor to raise money for a “slush fund” to pay her legal bills. That’s a no-no, silly monkey!

With his findings, Mr. Daniel gave the Naughty Obama Monkey an out… “LET GO OF THE BANANA!” To avoid an ethics hearing, Obama could give back the money raised by the fund. Then, there would be no finding of guilt. Not only did he not let go of the money, his fund trust kept their campaign up and begging — thereby making the banana fatter and more golden.