The Metro Link Stimuli

May 16, 2009

I didn’t want the American Recovery and Reinvestment act to pass but it did. I also understand some of the efforts of governors to change the diameters of the stimulus money. Some governors quickly said that they would not accept the money, and while that sounds nice and fluffy; what’s done is done. Rather than rejecting the money set aside set for the states, I like attempts to redirect the money to things that will help the state. Some governors wanted to use the money to pay off the state debt; great idea. Every state should have at least a balanced budget, if not have extra money somewhere in case of emergency, just as individuals.
Being out in the suburbs of Saint Louis I would like to see the stimulus money the expansion of Metro Link. I hate suburbs because they are not economical, they are not environmental and far to often they are not attractive. I do like New Town at Saint Charles but it has one major problem; as beautiful as it is, you still have to go some where else to get most goods and services. To do that you still need a automobile.
The Metro Link is sad, having only now two lines and not one of them crossing into Saint Charles County. If you live in Missouri but out side of the Saint Louis Metropolitan area you might not understand the importance of Metro Link expansion. It will help with traffic which is a battle that can’t seem to get a edge here. New and better roads are made only after there is a problem and by the time they are done, there is a new problem. This traffic wastes people’s time, it wastes energy, puts more ware on the existing roads, which annually costs the state money to repair and replace. In expanding the Metro Link, there will be less vehicles on the road, less energy used, and money saved buy the people; as well as, the state. That saved money could later be used across the state.
The building of the new lines would temporarily bring new jobs to the area and would expand the reach of local businesses to a much wider populace. Having a line through Saint Charles would mean that I could practically walk to the city, or maybe I could walk to work.
I do understand that people like my racist democrat grandparents have blocked the bills to expand the Metro Link into Saint Charles, but as more people from the Saint Louis move into Saint Charles, and the expansion is promoted as a “green” endeavor, this may get done in my life time.
I am a for decreasing our footprint on Earth, I do not agree with most of the Green Movement, but I will co-opt it with my want of a economically and environmentally sound society.

End Abruptly: to play Rock Band 2 Wii.