A New Kind of Slavery

July 16, 2009

I have made the argument that the government’s power grabs at Health Insurance, Energy, Auto Manufacturing and Banking, equate to a form of modern slavery akin to that of books like 1984. This view point outrages some. People tell me that I am a horrible person to say that a so called Health Care Reform is like slavery and that it devalues the struggles and sacrifices of black Americans.
Slavery records can be traced back to thousands of years before the existence of the United States of America. Slavery was never limited to one group of people and has been a part of nearly all human history. Slavery in America is deep disgrace of our history but our strides to bring freedom to everyone is falling is a new kind of slavery.
Where Africans were forced into a physical slavery in America their minds remained free. That can be seen in the freedom songs that kept up the morale of blacks in despairing times.
The slavery of our time is more subtle than the slavery of the past. We are looking at an incoming slavery of minds and hearts. There are so many people that cannot think for themselves and are standing by while others rush in a modern form of slavery. I fear more everyday that my voice will be drowned out by mindless moaning of political zombies and the idiocy of the Democrats and Republicans. Or will more wake up, rise and resound with my voice and those of reason?

The Metro Link Stimuli

May 16, 2009

I didn’t want the American Recovery and Reinvestment act to pass but it did. I also understand some of the efforts of governors to change the diameters of the stimulus money. Some governors quickly said that they would not accept the money, and while that sounds nice and fluffy; what’s done is done. Rather than rejecting the money set aside set for the states, I like attempts to redirect the money to things that will help the state. Some governors wanted to use the money to pay off the state debt; great idea. Every state should have at least a balanced budget, if not have extra money somewhere in case of emergency, just as individuals.
Being out in the suburbs of Saint Louis I would like to see the stimulus money the expansion of Metro Link. I hate suburbs because they are not economical, they are not environmental and far to often they are not attractive. I do like New Town at Saint Charles but it has one major problem; as beautiful as it is, you still have to go some where else to get most goods and services. To do that you still need a automobile.
The Metro Link is sad, having only now two lines and not one of them crossing into Saint Charles County. If you live in Missouri but out side of the Saint Louis Metropolitan area you might not understand the importance of Metro Link expansion. It will help with traffic which is a battle that can’t seem to get a edge here. New and better roads are made only after there is a problem and by the time they are done, there is a new problem. This traffic wastes people’s time, it wastes energy, puts more ware on the existing roads, which annually costs the state money to repair and replace. In expanding the Metro Link, there will be less vehicles on the road, less energy used, and money saved buy the people; as well as, the state. That saved money could later be used across the state.
The building of the new lines would temporarily bring new jobs to the area and would expand the reach of local businesses to a much wider populace. Having a line through Saint Charles would mean that I could practically walk to the city, or maybe I could walk to work.
I do understand that people like my racist democrat grandparents have blocked the bills to expand the Metro Link into Saint Charles, but as more people from the Saint Louis move into Saint Charles, and the expansion is promoted as a “green” endeavor, this may get done in my life time.
I am a for decreasing our footprint on Earth, I do not agree with most of the Green Movement, but I will co-opt it with my want of a economically and environmentally sound society.

End Abruptly: to play Rock Band 2 Wii.

Saint Louis Tea Party Welcome Obama

May 2, 2009

Unfortunately he probably didn’t get to see us because in typical politician fashion he slipped through the back door. He did make mention of us in the speech he made on Wednesday, but I am afraid he has gotten all is info on the Tea Party from the Huffiington Post, given that he has called us teabaggers.


One lady was very upset that there is not a single Scion xB within the Presidential motorcade.


The Gateway Pundit looking cool and golf clapping.


I have never been a big fan of the whole “Obama Bin Lyin” slogan.


Looking at Dana Loesch’s kids most likely.


Some young Patriots.


Dana Loesch being an awesome mother.

DSi At Tax Day Tea Party

April 16, 2009


The largest tax increase on tabacco, Evar!

April 4, 2009

Barack Obama has signed into law a $.60 tax increase that went into effect on April 1st. Not only is this the largest federal tax increase on tobacco, not only is this tax increase larger than all of the other tax increases in America, combined, but this also marks the failure of President Obama to commit to a “Firm Pledge” to not increase the taxes of any individual making under $250,000 dollars a year. The median income of the American smoker is $36,000 dollars a year.

This tax increase is designed to help pay for a program called SCHIP; which pays for Children’s heath care in low income households (currently making up $74,200 in New Jersey). Under this bill a child may be up to 30 years old. Yet again the government aims to gain revenue from an addictive and dangerous behavior all in the name of helping the little ones. This same principle is applied to gambling at the state level; taking casino winnings, and taxing them to fund local schools. One of the problems is that in typical governmental fashion, money is often lost in the shuffle and used on other things.

Assuming that under Obama’s Next Gen Transparency, that all of the new taxes will indeed be used as it is intended, there is but one little flaw in the progressive idea behind the bill. Not only will the 156% tax increase help drive down the already falling number of smokers in the United States, but the whole plan takes revenue from a harmful activity to pay for children’s health care, promoting said activity; while at the same time, condemning the activity.

If you smoke, you are slowly killing yourself to keep kids healthy, but you are also supporting an industry that markets smoking to children and profits on the eventual suicide of everyone that uses their products. If you do not smoke you are a heartless individual that cares nothing of th American youth, are living a self-centered life, and are probably a Nazi.

I suggest that all Americans take up smoking to support SCHIP. How else will boys and girls living in low income households, that likely have one or more parents or guardians smoking in them, have the health care they want and need?

Edit: The federal tax on a pound of roll-your-own tobacco increased from $1.10 to $24.78.