Some PlayStation Move

August 17, 2010

I don’t keep my dislike for Sony PlayStation a secret. I hate the marketing; full of cleverly worded mis-truths, lies and other catchphrase statements that have no real meaning. I don’t like how the only innovation they seem to put into their systems is in the media format (DVD, UMD, Blu-Ray). The only thing that I like about PlayStation is Team ICO, and I absolutely love that studio. I am looking forward to The Last Guardian whenever that comes out.

The PlayStation Move will soon be out and I just watched some videos of people showcasing the capabilities of the Move; while it seems to work quite well, much better than Xbox’s Kinect in fact. I’m just a little bothered that people seem to forget that the Wii has this thing call Motion Plus that makes it very comparable to the Move.

and now for some Wii Motion Plus

PlayStation does have the better graphics but I don’t care, I still regularly play old games.


Dis Kinect

June 15, 2010

I have to say, I don’t have all the facts about Kinect, but Microsoft is acting stupidly. Being at work all day I haven’t been able to absorb all the information I’d like to about Kinect but it seems to be focused 100% around the casual market, the market that up until now has only been reached by Nintendo. That is not to say that Kinect will succeed in reaching the casual market, but they are trying. They have the Wii Sports ripoff, that I personally have yet to see but I am pretty sure I know what to expect, they have the Mario Kart ripoff,andĀ  they have EA Active 2, among others; which is sadly one of the best games I have seen will utilize the Kinect. Frankly, that has the potential to be better than the Wii version, but at a $300 minimum price point for the system and Kinect, and $150 for a stand alone for Kinect it’s going to be harder to draw people in than it was with the Wii.

As much as I dislike Sony (except for Team ICO) at least they will be pushing the Move with some HARD CORE! games like SOCOM and Killzone, you know, stuff with guns and explosions.

With that being said; both Microsoft’s and Sony’s efforts to steal away the market Nintendo carved out for themselves, being laughed at the whole time by Microsoft and Sony mind you, look to be full of shovelware. Sony’s games like Move Party and TV Superstars look just awful. My bet is that both will fail and be wastes of timeĀ  money for the two companies and by the time that is accepted by Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo will have passed them up by yet another innovation in gaming.

More to come, E3 week is upon us.