Obama Caught In a Naughty Monkey Trap

July 25, 2009

Everyone knows how to catch a monkey even if you’ve never had to. Basic concept. Put a banana in a jar and make sure the mouth of the jar is bigger than a monkey paw, yet smaller than the banana. When the monkey gets hold of that banana, he won’t let go, even if it means his hand is stuck in the jar.

Barack Obama finds himself in a similar predicament. His Chicago Fund Trust is the perfect golden banana. It happens to be inside the legal jar created by Thomas Daniel’s ethics investigation findings. You see, Mr. Daniel concluded Obama had used his official title of governor to raise money for a “slush fund” to pay her legal bills. That’s a no-no, silly monkey!

With his findings, Mr. Daniel gave the Naughty Obama Monkey an out… “LET GO OF THE BANANA!” To avoid an ethics hearing, Obama could give back the money raised by the fund. Then, there would be no finding of guilt. Not only did he not let go of the money, his fund trust kept their campaign up and begging — thereby making the banana fatter and more golden.


Cap And Trades

July 22, 2009

Coming soon to theaters near you…
Cap and Trades smalll

A Pair of Drawings

July 16, 2009

It has been a long while since I posted a drawing; even though that was to be the main point of this blog.
i have never felt so alone
I Have Never Felt So Alone
Back in Time
Back In Time

A New Kind of Slavery

July 16, 2009

I have made the argument that the government’s power grabs at Health Insurance, Energy, Auto Manufacturing and Banking, equate to a form of modern slavery akin to that of books like 1984. This view point outrages some. People tell me that I am a horrible person to say that a so called Health Care Reform is like slavery and that it devalues the struggles and sacrifices of black Americans.
Slavery records can be traced back to thousands of years before the existence of the United States of America. Slavery was never limited to one group of people and has been a part of nearly all human history. Slavery in America is deep disgrace of our history but our strides to bring freedom to everyone is falling is a new kind of slavery.
Where Africans were forced into a physical slavery in America their minds remained free. That can be seen in the freedom songs that kept up the morale of blacks in despairing times.
The slavery of our time is more subtle than the slavery of the past. We are looking at an incoming slavery of minds and hearts. There are so many people that cannot think for themselves and are standing by while others rush in a modern form of slavery. I fear more everyday that my voice will be drowned out by mindless moaning of political zombies and the idiocy of the Democrats and Republicans. Or will more wake up, rise and resound with my voice and those of reason?