Some PlayStation Move

August 17, 2010

I don’t keep my dislike for Sony PlayStation a secret. I hate the marketing; full of cleverly worded mis-truths, lies and other catchphrase statements that have no real meaning. I don’t like how the only innovation they seem to put into their systems is in the media format (DVD, UMD, Blu-Ray). The only thing that I like about PlayStation is Team ICO, and I absolutely love that studio. I am looking forward to The Last Guardian whenever that comes out.

The PlayStation Move will soon be out and I just watched some videos of people showcasing the capabilities of the Move; while it seems to work quite well, much better than Xbox’s Kinect in fact. I’m just a little bothered that people seem to forget that the Wii has this thing call Motion Plus that makes it very comparable to the Move.

and now for some Wii Motion Plus

PlayStation does have the better graphics but I don’t care, I still regularly play old games.